Upload Instructions

People who are registered on this site, and logged in, can upload their own objects. Here is a set of instructions that will allow you to do that and make a post so others can download.

If you haven’t yet registered on this site, send a Private Message to vincentlancon or R Soul on the TTLG forum. State your required username and e-mail address. When your account has been created, you’ll receive an e-mail inviting you to change your password, or to use an auto-generated one.

Zip up the object
Zip up your object and its textures. If the files are mixed with other object files you can use this Object Zipper program. You select a .bin file and it zips it up, along with the textures it uses.

If you’re uploading a pack of very similar objects, you can put them all in one file, but you should only do this if the objects are similar, e.g. a painting pack or several variants of one object.

A readme file is optional. This site now has object installation instructions to cover the basics. A readme should definitely be used if the object should have specific properties or links in Dromed.

Take at least one screenshot of your object. It is recommended you place the object in front of a dark background with one or two bright lights to make it easy to see. The screenshot should be resized so it’s not too big. 640×480 should be big enough, but you can use any aspect ratio.

The file does not need to be added to the zip file.

New post
From the menu at the top click on +New and select Post

The post title should be of the form Object Name by Author

To generate the post’s content, click on the Add Media button

Go to the Upload Files tab and Select Files, and select the zip file and the screenshot. Once the upload has finished you’ll see the files are automatically selected (ticked)

If you click on each one you’ll see posting options on the right. For both files, under Attachment Display Settings, Link To should be Media File, and for the screenshot(s) the Size should be Thumbnail.


The options above are the default settings so you shouln’t have to change them. Click on Insert into post.

With one zip file and one screenshot, the post will look like this:
Or it will look like this:

You use the Visual or Text tabs on the right to toggle between them.

Click on Text to see the HTML code. If you do not understand this, you just need to know that the longer piece(s) of code are for the screenshot(s). For consistency it’s nice to have the download link placed after the screenshot(s).

To make it clear for the user, make a couple of changes to the download code. Insert “Download: ” at the start and optionally, put “.zip” in the link text. For example:
(this is much easier to do in Text mode than in Visual mode)
(and do remember to spell ‘Download’ correctly)

Extra info
Feel free to add more info to the post, e.g. to remind the user to check the readme file.

Set Categories (Optional)
Posts can be assigned categories to make it easier for people to find ones that are relevant. This site has categories for artists and object types.

Select the artist and object type from the list. The existing ones should cover all object types.
If an artist is not in the list, choose ‘Not Listed’. As long as the artist’s name is in the post title, the site admins will be able to add it to the list.
It’s a good idea to send a PM about the new artist to one of us on TTLG so we know about it. If you have a lot of objects to upload, it will save duplicated effort if you wait until the new artist category has been created.


Sometimes more than one person has worked on an object, so select all who apply. The same goes for objects that belong to several categories. E.g. gold candlesticks can be ‘Lights’ and ‘Loot’.

It’s not necessary to select a ‘parent’ category, though it does no harm. Categories are shown on the main page, and users clicking on ‘Furniture’ would see the object in this example because the database automatically knows that ‘Bookcase’ is also ‘Furniture’.

Most of the categories are based on Dromed’s object hierarchy, but it’s not usually necessary to go beyond two or three levels. Don’t worry about getting it wrong. Posts can be edited, and categories and be moved/renamed without breaking anything.


When that’s done, click on Publish to make the post. You can click on Preview first if you want to see how it will look before it’s posted.

The new post will show up on the main page, and if you set categories, you’ll see them too.

Now let’s see some objects.