Object/AI uploads are welcome under the following conditions:

1) You have permission to upload them.
2) You say who made them.

If you have any trouble with those conditions, feel free to discuss it on TTLG or with any other Thief fan group.


1) If the object comes with a readme saying anyone can share/distribute etc, that’s sufficient. An object hosted on another site could come with some sort of license that grants permission to share/modify. If neither of those are present, try to ask the person who made the object. No reply means no permission, even if the artist would probably say yes. If you are concerned that the original site may stop working, download the object for your personal collection.

2) An artist’s online username is usually sufficient. If an object is from a group project, such as CoSaS or T2X, you should look in the original package for a credits list. If it’s not clear who made which object, the group’s name is acceptable.

If the two conditions are not met, the object’s page on here will be removed without notice. The page and the files can easily be restored if you subsequently do gain permission. Remember: some artists prefer their objects to be hosted solely on their own websites.

A tolerant approach will be taken if you occasionally “forget” either of the conditions, (post will be deleted, no further action), but multiple occurrences will result in your account status being downgraded so you cannot upload any more objects, however the site admins do not want to act like website policemen, so please do not put us in that position.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing lots of custom objects.