Custom Voice VDrunk6 (nonverbal)


This VDrunk6 custom voice set is a supplementing to the female VGuard6 voice and contains

  • a description (VDrunk6.txt),
  • a modified schema file (schema\sg6.sch) and
  • all necessary WAVs

Suitable for T2 missions (T1/G missions will need all files from the T2 soundpack under \res\snd\guard6 from the T2 file RES/snd.crf in addition).

The drunk guard will chuckle, hiccup or burp while standing around but speak the usual expressions in p.e. fight action or when being knocked out. For some variety the existing VGuard6 section of the schema file has been updated by adding the following WAVs:
sg6a0mu4 and sg60103e to alert 0
sg60703b to alert 1 (hearing)
sg60103a (noticing a doused light)