Seamless Grass by Dale


Download: Dale_Grass

Important info:

The package contains two versions, a low-density with roughly 300 polygons (DL_kaka) and high-density (DL_kaka2) with about 1500 polygons. The low-density is good for small grass patches surroudning trees or corners. The high-density is intended to cover a larger area.

Performance notes: The high-density ones could affect performance if you use too many of them in one scene (like 20). If you need to use more than 3 of them in one scene or want to cover a large area, make sure you set up its Model LOD to DL_kaka (the low-density one). That way it should be possible to create a meadow/field/forest scene without fps loss.

Textures: The package includes my grass textures made from actual blades of grass in two different shades, however, the models are reskinnable so you can also use your own vegetation textures. If you use your own textures, make sure they are small, there is really no need to go higher than 512×256.