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Review: Ghost Mine

Ghost Mine series review – by Vincent

Let me start by saying I have watched ghost hunting and paranormal shows for quite some time. I am starting my reviews with Ghost Mine because it is by far and away our favorite ghost hunting series of all time. I will go over some of the pros and cons of each series as I review them but rest assured, the only real con of this show that I can think of is that it ended. With that let us get on with the review.

Ghost Mine is set in the mountains near the historic town of Sumpter, Oregon, in the Crescent gold mine. New mine owner Larry Overman brought in a group of miners and a set of paranormal investigators in order to solve the mystery of what is going on in the mine, one that has already scared the first group of miners away.

Cast and Crew

The cast and crew are what make the difference is Ghost Mine when compared to other ghost hunting shows. We start with our intrepid paranormal research duo composed of Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman. These two earn not only the respect of the suspicious miners, but also the viewers over the course of the series. They are both extremely likable and are great at showing empathy with those whom they interact. With such a great foundation, what puts them over the top as excellent ghost hunters is their absolute fearlessness when evidence presents itself. Time and time again in the series, these two run straight in to the fray to gather further evidence and not shy away even when scared and even when their personal health is on the line.

The miners themselves start off the series as a standoffish, superstitious bunch of roughnecks unwilling to permit anyone in their world. Gradually as they experience things themselves and their reliance on the paranormal researchers to look after their well being, do the miners open up and not only befriend Kristen and Patrick but also form strong bonds of friendships with them. Because the miners families are brought in to the series, it also introduces another aspect of interaction with the miners and their families and the researchers as the paranormal experiences are directly interacting with the miner families.

What makes it great!

As I sat down to try and come up with a list of pros and cons of the show, it quickly became evident to me that one column was filled with things I love about the show and the other was void of any real complaints.

Allow me to restate some of the aspects of the show that has drawn me and so many of the people I know in to loving Ghost Mine.

  • The amount of research the investigators put in to finding answers. (Real time spent in libraries, talking to experts in the area, etc…)
  • The amount of time spent on location actually investigating on location. (Months verses a night or two)
  • The run towards and evidence instantly without hesitation. (No being afraid and running away)
  • Likable, passionate, empathetic investigators.
  • Willing to risk life and limb to gain evidence. (Patrick will do “unsafe” things in the name of research. 🙂 )
  • Miners bring an interesting human aspect to the story from a different perspective.
  • Two opposing groups coming together to form a coherent team of interesting people.
  • R.I.P.A

The only real con of this show I can think of is that it ended. Sadly this show could have gone on for a long time with the potential of exploring other mines.


10/10 The bar by which other shows will be judged against!