DVR Recording Equipment

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to record hours of video footage for use in paranormal research. A DVR allows you to record multiple camera feeds at once for investigating of collected evidence. You can connect both standard and night vision cameras in to the DVR system for recording allowing for flexible camera options in your research.


An EMF meter responds to electromagnetic fluctuations and is another essential tool in ghost hunting and paranormal research. This presents a change of energy that may indicate paranormal activity and provide a means for that communication to occur. Many paranormal researchers believe that the spirit realm uses available energy to manifest in our world thus making an EMF meter the perfect tool for detection.


EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are sounds found on recordings not usually heard during a live investigation sessions by a paranormal researcher. A good voice recorder is an essential piece of research equipment in the paranormal research and ghost hunting field.



Specialty lighting such as black lights enable you to see things not normally visible to the human eye. Specialty lighting makes things that not normally visible to the naked eye visible.


Audio and video software allows the researcher to process and view/listen to recorded evidence gained through investigations.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging allows you to see heat sources in total darkness. This can reveal either natural or unnatural sources in your paranormal research.