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A few updates.

I have updated the menu structure to include submenus in effort to reduce the clutter. Hopefully this will make browsing on this site easier.

I want to thank you guys for visiting here and am very grateful if you order any of your ghost hunting equipment through our links here. It is a big help to my family and again thank you.

Happy hunting! -Vincent of GHG

MyDeal VisiGHOST UV Blacklight

MyDeal VisiGHOST UV Ultraviolet 9 LED Blacklight 


In a similar fashion to infrared lighting, black lights enable you to see things not normally visible to the human eye. A black light will make things that glow in the dark to shine brightly.

Information and Specs

The 9 LED black light is powered by powerful UV-A bulbs. These bulbs are capable of lasting 100,000 hours.

Fitting in your pocket and made of a durable alloy construction, this light will last you for years of paranormal research.

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Night Owl Security DVR

Night Owl Security DVR with 1TB HDD and 4 x 1080p Infrared Cameras.

The Night Owl Security DVR allows you to record night vision cameras in your paranormal research. Having the ability to record video from cameras capable of night vision allows you for far more opportunities to capture and document evidences of the unknown in conditions beyond normal human limits.

Information and Specs

The included 4 x 1080p wired infrared cameras allow you to record up to 100 ft. of night vision video.  These cameras have a field of view of 100 degrees.

The cameras are IP-65 rated weather resistant and provide remote monitoring of your locations.

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About Ghost Hunting Gadgets : The Guide to Hunting Ghosts

Hi, I’m Vincent and share a passion with friends and family when it comes to ghost hunting, paranormal research, and the just plain strange and unexplained. I want to share this passion with others who have a similar interest.

Ghost Hunting Gadget’s desire is to help new and experienced paranormal researchers obtain the proper equipment to successfully gather data.

We will provide information on the different kinds of equipment, their purposes in the field of paranormal research and links to obtain them from trusted sources.

Join us in the hunt as fellow researchers and investigators. It’s a pleasure to team with you in your endeavor.

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