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Meterk EMF Meter

Mererk EMF Meter

An EMF Meter can test electric field radiation and magnetic field  emissions. It can be used to test and learn electromagnetic radiation situation indoor and outdoor. Equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which can
display the radiation value on the clear LCD digital display after  processing by control micro-chip.

Information and Specs

Low Cost EMF meter

4 Digit LCD display

Range: 0~2000mG electric, 0~200uT magnetic

1/2 second sampling rate

Large & Clear LCD Display – of the values for easy reading.

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Zclever 8Ch 1080N AHD Night Vision DVR Kit

Zclever 8Ch 1080N AHD Night Vision CCTV Security Camera System Surveillance DVR Kits with HDD

This 8 camera DVR night vision surveillance system is ready to record hours of paranormal investigation footage with its 1TB drive.

Information and Specs

8x 720P 24LED night vision capable cameras

1TB HDD space for recording

8x 60ft cables to connect the cameras

Internet capable remote viewing


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4K WiFi Full Spectrum Camcorder

4K WiFi Full Spectrum Camcorders, Ultra HD Infrared Night Vision Paranormal Investigation Video Camera with 60fps 24MP 30X Digital Zoom – Ghost Hunting Camera(with 2 Batteries, 32GB SD Card Included)

This is a full featured hi-res ghost hunting , paranormal research camcorder. This is for those who are serious about capturing data in the most efficient manner capable. Let’s look at some of the features of this camcorder.

Information and Specs.

Features an infrared flashlight for increased night vision recording.

220 minute record time battery.

3.1″ IPS touch screen.

Sony 24MP COMS sensor.

4K Ultra HD recording.

30X Digital zoom.

World’s only colorful infrared and full spectrum video recording.

WiFi features allow you to use your phone to interact with the camera.

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The Ghost Meter EMF


An EMF meter responds to electromagnetic fluctuations and is another essential tool in ghost hunting and paranormal research. This presents a change of energy that may indicate paranormal activity and provide a means for that communication to occur.

Information and Specs

One-handed operation.

Low/no light use.

Adjustable audio and flashing lights.

Signal-strength indication


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Mel-8704-ProNavigator Paranormal 3 in 1


Mel-8704-ProNavigator Paranormal 3 in 1 Instrument with EMF Meter – Ambient Thermometer – Flashlight !

This 3 in 1 gadget allows you to perform multiple test with one device. Multi function devices are always handy in saving you valuable equipment space.

Information and Specs

Simultaneously measure EMF and Temp in suspected areas.

Night View display allows for less interference in investigations and easier use in low to no light conditions.

Includes an EMF “Burst Mode”.

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2018 Wifi Full Spectrum Camcorder


2018 Wifi Full Spectrum Camcorder

A full spectrum camera records images in the full light spectrum, even those outside the range of normal human vision.

Information and Specs

The 2018 Wifi Full Spectrum Camcorder can record 1080P resolutions at 30 frames a second. It is capable of 18x digital zoom and comes with a 220 minute record time battery.

The infrared night vision allows for full night time recording.

The built in wifi allows you to remotely view on your Android/iPhone device.


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MyDeal VisiGHOST UV Blacklight

MyDeal VisiGHOST UV Ultraviolet 9 LED Blacklight 


In a similar fashion to infrared lighting, black lights enable you to see things not normally visible to the human eye. A black light will make things that glow in the dark to shine brightly.

Information and Specs

The 9 LED black light is powered by powerful UV-A bulbs. These bulbs are capable of lasting 100,000 hours.

Fitting in your pocket and made of a durable alloy construction, this light will last you for years of paranormal research.

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