Sony ICDPX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder


EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are sounds found on recordings not usually heard during a live questioning session by a paranormal researcher. A good voice recorder is an essential piece of research equipment in the paranormal research and ghost hunting field. Today we will be looking at the ICDPX370 model from Sony.

Information and Specs

The Sony ICDPX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder comes with a built-in USB for easy MP3 file transfers. Using just 2 AAA batteries provide this recorder with up to 57 hours of use.

The unit records MP3 files in a 128kbps stereo format . The installed 4GB of memory allows for up to 59h35m of recording, having plenty of recording space for extended EVP recording sessions.

A micro SD expansion port allows for even more record time with over 536 hours with the addition of a 32GB card.

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