October 29, 2020

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Do Democrats Reduce Abortions?

This is some Progressive on twitter and they think they have some kind of a point. Is it true that under Conservative leadership abortions increase and under “Progressive” leadership it decreases? Let’s look at leftist sources:

Snopes states that the claim “Abortion Rates Fall During Democratic Administrations and Rise During Republican Ones” is “False”. The article states the following:

It is plain to see that abortion rates have risen (prior to their peaking in the mid-1980s) and fallen under both Democratic and Republican administration, suggesting little to no correlation with whichever political party controls the White House. The overall trend since the 1980s has been a fairly consistent decline across through administrations of both parties.


It would be easy to demonstrate that abortion rates have not risen under Democratic administrations in the last several decades, but it would be false to argue that declines in abortion rates are an exclusive feature of Democratic presidencies. The claim that abortion rates fall under Democrats, while true, ignores the fact that rates have also continued to decline through Republican administrations as well.




Furthermore, the article also points out the error of thinking correlation implies causation. So, the Democrat arguing this point would have to draw some connection between both these facts, but it is terribly difficult to show how such is the case(especially in the light of the pro-abortion agenda of democrats).

There are also further problems with these claims by progressives internet people. Firstly, they hold no weight to someone that thinks abortion is immoral. Given that it may lessen under Democratic leadership doesn’t imply the democratic philosophy surrounding abortion doesn’t promote abortion. Hence, their factoid holds no water in the surrounding discussion of abortion. Secondly, even if abortion is lessened, it seems like the transference of guilt of every abortion comes upon anyone promoting abortion. So, pro-choice Democrats, pro-choice libertarians, and pro-choice republicans bear the guilt for the murders they supported throughout this nation’s history. So, in fact, pro-choice philosophy is always to blame for every abortion(whether or not they increase one year to the next). Rather than giving a reason for pro-choice Democrats, it turns into another reason that they promote evil.