October 31, 2020

The Council

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Do you Support the Caging of Children?

This question was asked in the context of a conversation about the moral nature of killing image-bearers in a woman’s womb. This is a common leftist talking point.

Here was my response:

Would you prefer all those children been aborted instead? If you were to add up all the children in those Trump camps and all the COVID deaths ( from both COVID and combined factors), would they be even close to the number of children murdered each year in abortion?

Lastly, I would recommend Steve Hays on the topic:

i) It’s not really Trump’s policy. The difference is that he’s actually enforcing preexisting immigration law–unlike the lawless Obama administration.
ii) This is using kids as emotional blackmail to extort chain migration. I’m unsympathetic to cynical tactics masquerading as lofty idealism. But you always have dupes who are easily taken in by that ploy.
iii) Given the phenomenon of Latin American child traffickers, how do we determine if the child is actually accompanied by a parent?
iv) This shouldn’t be the responsibility of US taxpayers in the first place. It’s not our duty to provide free accommodations for illegal immigrants. American wage-earners have no obligation to make the USA a haven for looters.
America can’t host all the poor, desperate people of the world. It would turn the USA into just another dysfunctional third world hellhole. It would destroy the very thing they come for.
In general, those who pay into the system have the right to tap the system. It shouldn’t be siphoned off by people who come here to get on the social services gravy train.
iv) It is of course true that the rule of law isn’t absolute. It’s easy to cite examples of civil disobedience in Scripture.
v) I’m sympathetic to some illegal immigrants who want to make a better life for their kids, but breaking the law is a gamble, and when you gamble, sometimes you lose the bet. If you cut into line, don’t complain if the bouncer ejects you.