January 22, 2021

The Council

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Is a Lockdown Justified?

I was on twitter and a person was responding to me over the issue of whether lockdowns are ethical. Here is my response:

God in the case of Noah wasn’t declaring to force people into a boat because of a virus. The flood came from God and he knew full well the wrath coming upon the earth. He let Noah voluntarily believe in him and he built the ark. God also has rights over everything, but the government does not.

The government has politicized the issue. God is above political squabbles but the government officials make it seem as if lockdowns are intended goals. You have the former President’s wife basically saying that the crisis is a great opportunity for socialism:

People during the Passover were not locked down in the sense we were locked down. They applied the blood to their door and let the angel of death come through the land. Or are you referring to something else? Secondly, this only proves that God has a certain say that humans do not. If you wanted to see where in the Bible does have any situation similar to ours it would be in the Levitical laws regarding the topic(Leviticus 13). In this case, the deceased are isolated but others go about their say.