December 3, 2020

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Should We Vote for Sleepy Joe?

We often find ourselves in political debates with family, friends, or coworkers trying to refer to reasons we don’t wish to support or vote for certain individuals. I think it’s useful to collect these things because people have a short memory. They often forget the political records or simply don’t even know these things occur. There is also the issue that they have a problematic worldview(ethical and epistemological presuppositions). But here are some reasons to never vote for Sleepy Joe Biden:

1. History and Policy:

It is often said that we can’t vote for Trump because he lies in order to embellish himself and further his ends. The problem with that is that is Joe Biden’s entire career.

2. Biden’s Positions

For example, Joe Biden clearly is soft and uninformed about the threat of Islam:

His defense of sodomy:

These things also relate to other problems with liberalism:

Biden is also weak on foreign policy. Namely with countries that are major threats to the United States. China and Iran:

Biden on China

Joe Biden wishes to get rid of the Death penalty. But this is an insane and immoral policy step. Here is what the Biden/Harris website states:

Eliminate the death penalty. Over 160 individuals who’ve been sentenced to death in this country since 1973 have later been exonerated. Because we cannot ensure we get death penalty cases right every time, Biden will work to pass legislation to eliminate the death penalty at the federal level, and incentivize states to follow the federal government’s example. These individuals should instead serve life sentences without probation or parole.

But here is what the God of the world says about capital punishment:

The Leftist position on abortion puts children in harm’s way. While also pretending to be better for children:

Do you Support the Caging of Children?

Biden has even added a woman to his campaign that implied he was a racist and said she stands with his sexual assault accuser for political gain. That just goes to show another reason not to trust Joe Biden. He would have a woman candidate that is a garbage politician because she fits leftist diversity standards. Which itself is the racism that permeates the left:

3. His Mental state: