December 3, 2020

The Council

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I recently read from the march madness apologetic(CAMM) things that Randal Rauser doesn’t appear to be a heretic. I have nothing against CAMM but I think he is incorrect. I wish to provide the many articles showing heretical comments from Dr. Rauser and see if this evidence will convince some of the danger. The source of these will be from Steve Hays’ website. These will be things that I suppose most conservative Christians would regard as heretical. I would have actually more stringent conditions for what constitutes for orthodox vs heretical compared to most classical apologist/evidentialist, but I’ll choose things generally regarded as such:



“Gays don’t become straight”

Rauser’s forked tongue

Anatomy of a scoundrel

Comparing marriages

Rauser’s tantrum

Hypocrisy and homosexuality

Moral confusion on World Vision

Brown isn’t a bigoted homophobe

Straining Trumpian gnats while swallowing Democrat camel

Quisling for pederasts

What would Jesus say to “Caitlyn” Jenner?

Kim Davis

Attacks on the OT:

Did God command genocide?

Cultural genocide

“Biblical violence and moral/cultural relativism

“The problem of biblical violence”

Don’t sacrifice your prejudice to defend the Bible

Eschatological genocide

I double-dare ya!

Suicide bombers in the Bible?

David and Goliath


Having mercy on whom he will

Singing the psalms

Progressive Agenda:

Doubt is not denial

That’s just your interpretation!

Progressive theology

Time travel filicide

Concierge physician for the Khmer Rouge

Rauser’s kenotic Christology:


Would you rather be on the wrong side of history or the wrong side of Christ?

The kenotic heresy redux

For he gives the Spirit without measure


Locked on the inside

Cutting Jesus down to size

The ethical subjectivist

The uncompromising compromiser