December 3, 2020

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The Timeline of Dr. White’s Tweets

This is the one on one conversation between an Elder and a man who lost his ex-wife to the virus. All other conversations within the Twitter thread have been stricken. 

Dr. White makes a post about the Covid-19 pandemic and applies political agendas are at play.
@chancha807 responds by telling his personal experience making the point that it’s not all political. There is a personal side of it that has affected many dramatically.
Dr. White’s response after the picture of @chancha807 of his ex-wife’s before dying from Covid-19.
@chancha807 responds the next day with how he is disappointed he is in Dr. White’s response to the picture.
Dr. White doubles down.

It’s my personal opinion that the response of Dr. White was indeed unfortunate. Perhaps he misunderstood the context of the tweet or the point that the person was trying to make. For someone who is an Elder at a church and is one of the primary teachers within that ministry (and for someone who wrote a book on coping with grief ) it pains me to see such a cold response from one of the many Reformed teachers that I look up to. I should hope that Dr. White realizes his unappropriated response and simply asks for forgiveness of his harsh response.

All other members of the Council Blog may have differing opinions of the matter and by no means stand for nor against this post.

John Wilkinson AKA Atomicglue