November 26, 2020

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Do Democrats’ beliefs promote Evil?

This article is to show how liberal ideology promotes and justifies the actions of rapists and child molesters. Here are some of the reasons why I think there is a connection.

1. Capital Punishment:

Liberals are usually opposed to the death penalty. That’s for serial killers to pedophiles. Liberals like to pretend they support women but why then are none of them stating that rapist deserves the death penalty? They talk about every other social issue.

It is getting close enough that rape isn’t even crime if you become transgender:

Convicted of sex crimes as a man, felon no longer deemed threat because of gender change

2. Logical entailment:

John Bugay in response to an article stated the following:

We should see the pattern that is evident in these evolving claims, and be prepared to call them what they really are:

Argument #1:

I have homosexual desires
Therefore I am a homosexual person (with “homosexual” being a newly-created category of “person” in 1973)
You must respect me as a person
Therefore you must respect my homosexual desires.

That does not follow. You are not “a homosexual person”. You are a person, yes, but your homosexual desires are harmful to you. I acknowledge that not many in our culture see it that way.

But we see it again in this Salon article, entitled “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster”:

Argument #2

I have pedophile desires
Therefore I am a pedophile person (with “pedophile” being the newly-created category of person)
You must respect me as a person
Therefore you must respect my pedophile desires.

Pretty soon, as in Argument #1, where the next line item became “laws must be created to protect my homosexuality”, we will start seeing a new line item in Argument #2: “laws must be created to protect my pedophilia”. All of this in the name of equality.

This has also been shown by leftist arguing that pedophilia has been a mishandled issue:

3. Open promotion of sexualization of Children:

This can be seen in the pushing of transgenderism and children. Take the following article:

This is exemplified in liberal Democrat organizations such as the North American Man/Boy love association.

Liberals continue to push their destructive agenda onto children. Trying to get them to participate in their political games:

4. Islam:

Democrats love of certain political groups over others leaves them with a blind eye towards their “allies”. Islam is one of the specific things the left turn a blind eye to. This hasn’t worked out for Europe:

Furthermore, the ideology doesn’t remain at rest. It continues to become as radical as possible. If you’re a leftist, then the only direction is to fall further into leftism: