August 5, 2020

The Council

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Twitter is Destroying our Society.

If the picture above drives you insane, chances are your amygdala is swollen. No doubt that over the past few days we have seen the worst in American News Media and the Social Media viral video of the Covington Catholic teens from Kentucky visiting Washington DC for the Pro-Life March. I won’t go deep in the background of the story, but teens were at the Lincoln Memorial being taunted and harassed by Black Hebrew Israelites. They were shouting racist insults to the white boys with red MAGA hats while a group of Native Americans decided to defuse the situation. 

But because of the non-stop agenda of smearing Trump and giving him a bad light, the Media decided to spin it as a Pro-Nazi racist High School students treating the poor Native American Veteran rudely and inappropriately. The young boy in the center of all this wanted to not cause the situation to explode, so he stood there motionless and only smiled while the Native American beat his drum and sang his song. 

Not long afterward, Media and Twitter did it’s worst to paint these kids as the Racist, Homophobic, Misogynist, Bigots they truly were.  I mean, he’s wearing a Trump hat… He must be a Nazi… Right?

Well, I’m sure the good people of Twitter acted like responsible adults and watched more than one side of the story before they expressed their opinions on Social Media…? 

Well, there you have it, folks. Logical and rational Adults who took to the Internets and voiced their wisdom over a MAGA hat. 

Good job, America…

Atomicglue (JW)