November 24, 2020

The Council

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Dr. Leighton Flowers is a familiar name to anyone that regularly reads this website. So, to those 3 people, I don’t have to say much about this. He plays the anti-Calvinist banjo as his career song. That is fine and glad he has found a career that involves saying very little new things. I think the obligation of keeping Leighton in check is that of his followers. Instead, they blindly follow him as his personal internet heretic cult. That is why his followers are made up of Pelagians and Open Theists. I listened to a couple of his recent podcasts to see if he has made any progress in his argumentation. That simply hasn’t occurred and he still pretends to be an expert on Calvinism. Let’s give an example:

In Leighton’s video “Do Calvinists Believe God is the Author of Evil?” he equivocates between causal responsibility and moral responsibility. This is ironic because Leighton was correct about this before. Where? Well, on this very site:

How to Flunk Soteriology101?

That was over a year ago and he hasn’t responded or learned in that time these basic distinctions. He had produced two other videos as these were apart of short videos responding to Michael Patton – 12 Myths About Calvinism. Leighton tends to avoid serious objectors to his position and lurks for these more simpler non-in depth articles. This article isn’t the best representative of Calvinism by any stretch of the imagination, but Leighton looks for the low hanging fruit.