December 1, 2020

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Guide for responding to a Pervert Apologist

The issue of what the Bible says about sexual ethics has been challenged and in modern times have been twisted to teach false doctrines and other things. This will just be a resource article on various sexual issues that crop up from time to time. Pervert Apologist come in many forms fake Christians, Atheist, etc.

1. Homosexuality:

The issues of how the Bible looks at these kinds of relationships are being misinterpreted by “Gay Christian” proponents like Matthew Vines, James Brownson, and others. The questions here are twofold in Christian circles: Is homosexuality condemned and how should we live knowing such?

Is Homosexuality condemned?

Tony Tucci:

Homosexuality: The Biblical-Christian View

The Council:

Is Homosexuality a sin?


Question 2

The other question: How should Christians live knowing that homosexuality is wrong? Some follow the Dutch Reformed Tradition that Christians should promote Christian ethics and try to push society to live around those Christian principles. The other school of thought is that Christians are simply and solely here to promote the Gospel. That there are two kingdoms. The kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God.


The OT today

2. Fornication:

While it is generally agreed upon that any sexual activity with another person outside of the marriage covenant is immoral. It is good to remind ourselves about what the Bible says and about the severity of doing such.


He addresses it in point 6 in “Too hot to handle-2”

3. Pedophilia:

Typically village atheists object that the Bible doesn’t condemn pedophilia and therefore it is morally permissible on a Christian worldview.


Islam, Christianity, and pedophilia

4. Transgenderism:

The issue of Transgenderism is becoming a serious political in the west. It seems people that refuse to accept God choose to accept any ridiculous idea that is propounded by crazy liberals.

The Council:

Gender and Biology

5. Abortion:

This isn’t so much a sexual issue, but rather a resultant discussion of sexual issues. Modern society pushes the notion that women are free to do with a child in the whom as they choose. This is far from the Biblical worldview has to say about children in the womb.

The Fetal Position Podcast

6. Marriage in Heaven:

The issue of what we will be in our glorified bodies in the New Heavens and New Earth is a difficult issue.


Is there sex in heaven?

Like angels

7. Masturbation:

This question is asked from time to time. Is masturbation sinful? Doesn’t it require lust?

Matt Slick:

Is masturbation wrong?


Question 5

8. Polyamory/Polygamy:

The Bible seemingly supports the right of a man to marry multiple women. It never condemns it and remains silent about the issue. If it is wrong, then why was it permitted in the Old Testament? These are issues that arise when discussing whether Polygamy is condemned or permissible in a Christian worldview.


Polygamy Is Condemned By Scripture

Polygamy and the Bible: A Literary Approach

Read point 1 of “Too hot to handle-3”

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9. Bedroom Ethics:

It is often asked what is sexually permissible between a Man and his wife. The question is asked if they can have oral or anal sex.

Is oral sex between a married couple wrong?

Matt Slick:

What is permissible in the bedroom?

Is oral sex between married couples okay?

10. Incest:

It is generally accepted that incest is wrong. In these troubling times with consent as the supposed criteria of a permissible relationship has created more uncertainty about this general norm. The more important issue is what does the Bible say about incest?


Read point 7 in “Too hot to Handle-2”