October 29, 2020

The Council

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Infinite Punishment for Finite Sins?

Many atheists and annihilationist believe that nobody deserves Hell. That infinite punishment is never merited by any amount of finite sin. God must punish people in proportion to the crime. That seems intuitive but intuitions are person and culture relative. I think it is intuitive that God punishes plenty of people eternally for their crimes on earth. Man’s deeds deserve the repercussions that God places on them. Many(actually all) cases in Human history testify to the deservedness of eternal damnation. How confident are you in the intuition that finite sins cannot merit eternal damnation? Would a history lesson make you rethink your thoughts?

Richard Ramirez is the “Night Stalker” of Southern California. He was a satanist, serial killer, and rapist that killed, tortured, and raped multiple women. He has 14 victims and he raped more than what is shown. The reason being events where the victim didn’t want to see him in court. He was caught and brought to justice by a crowd of 100 people attacking him. The police saved his life and then put him in the useless justice system of this country. He became a celebrity to many women and women fell in love with him from various places and would come to him while he was in court seeking his attention(Ted Bundy had the same effect). One of his followers were so insanely stupid that they married him in prison and vowed to kill herself when he dies. Her name was Doreen Lioy. I believe California got rid of the death penalty and he lived until 2013.

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo were good-looking young Canadian lovers that murdered, kidnapped, and raped young girls together. Paul received life and his former wife(Karla) only received 12 years(she made a deal with the state). The issue is that Karla was more involved than what she said she was. For example, she drugged her little sister in order for her and her husband to rape her to death while recording it. The police being foolish ruled it an accident and somehow missed the drugs and sexual marks from being raped in the autopsy. Her husband was a rapist before he met his wife(in a nearby town), but she participated in the acts when he asked. He wanted her sister because he “wanted a virgin”. That continued to where Karla would bring her little sister friends over capture them and make them into sex slaves where her and her husband would belittle and rape them on video and then murder them. In the end, 4 girls were murdered, 13+ were raped, and others barely got away.

Gary Ridgway was the “Green River Killer”. He is known to have murdered at least 49 women as he confessed to over 70 murders. They were runaways and prostitutes. He would murder and dump the bodies in rural places. The first bodies were found in the green river. This happened in the North Western states. He would strangle them with his hands or pants. He was so difficult to catch that Detectives received advice from Ted Bundy and his advice was good. He told them to watch the bodies because he knew he was returning to them fulfilling his sick fantasies. He was murdering women since the 80’s. They caught him in 2001 because of advancements in DNA evidence. They could only hold him to a few murders found with biological remains of his. So, they tested the clothes used to strangle women and found a paint only used in car factories. Gary Ridgway worked in painting cars in a factory. He makes a deal with the state that he would confess and lead them to more bodies if he would not get the death penalty. They took the deal for the families.

Those are just a few examples of the evils that mankind has produced in recent times. The issue is that history is littered with more of these people and even worse individuals. It isn’t very intuitive to the families of the victims that John Wayne Gacy, Gary Ridgway, Karla Homolka, Paul Bernardo, Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, etc deserve only to evaporate into nonexistence. Man deserves the punishment of eternal damnation for violating the commands of God. The only consequence of diminishing eternal punishment(Hell) is to diminish the horrendous nature of sin. Do finite sins deserve infinite punishment? I believe so.

Another school shooting has occurred in another desperate attempt of Satan to destroy because he is filled with fury because his time is short. I once spoke about what brings me a bit of comfort when evil occurs. I find peace in the fact that Christ will return and justice will happen and be seen to happen. No failed attempts by a state but the power of God before our eyes inflicting the justice that is due to this world and saving his undeserving people.

Galatians 6:7 states:

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.