November 30, 2020

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Molinism is extremely popular amongst Christian philosophers. I don’t know why other than for their commitment to autonomy:

Paul Helm:

Natural and Free Knowledge

Middle Knowledge


Molinism with TF

Grounding objection


How does God get the world he chose?

Does Molinism make sense?

Molinists in the Matrix

Flying blind

If only I had known

Woe to you, Chorazin!

Freewill theism as Neopaganism

Does God play dominoes?

Should Peter go to the mission field?

Dissecting Molinism

Craig v. Helm

Omnibenevolence and middle knowledge

Is God rolling the dice?

Did God get lucky?

Permutations of Molinism

The gloves are off!

The ontology of possible worlds

In the mind’s eye

Ethics is not enough

Flipping Molinist dominoes

Fatalism and the Cross

Dr. Greg Welty:

Freethinking About Molinist Gunslingers – A Response to Stratton

The Basis of Counterfactual Repentance

James Gibson:

Are Molinist Distinctives Found in the Bible?

Does Molinism Avoid Making God the Author of Sin? | Welty on Molinism

Dr. James Anderson:

The Fallible God of Molinism

A Brief Response to William Lane Craig on Molinism
Wartick v. Anderson

Molinism and Libertarian Free Will (Again)

Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Molinism

How Biblical is Molinism? (Part 1)

How Biblical is Molinism? (Part 2)

How Biblical is Molinism? (Part 3)

How Biblical is Molinism? (Part 4)

How Biblical is Molinism? (Part 5)

How Biblical is Molinism? (Part 6)

Yes, Molina, There Could Have Been a Santa Claus

Tyler Vela:

Metaphysics and the Failure of Molinism

R. C. Dozier:

The Mystery of Molinism