December 2, 2020

The Council

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The question of New Testament reliability often is stressed, but the New Testament often calls on the Old Testament for its validation. So, we are committed to defending the historicity of the Old Testament as well. Here are some links:


Dr. Peter J. Williams:

Can the Old Testament be Trusted Historically?

The Old Testament and Jesus

Ted Wright:

The Archaeological and Historical Reliability of the Old Testament

Josh McDowell:

Old Testament: Significance of Dead Sea Scrolls

Old Testament: Dead Sea Scrolls’ Contribution

Old Testament: Traditions Verify

Dr. Darrell Bock:

Validating Genesis

Archaeology and the Bible

Recent Archaeological Finds

Dr. James Hoffmeier:

The Exodus from Egypt

Dr. Gleason Archer:

The Documentary Hypothesis and Higher Criticism

Answers to Assumed Errors in the Old Testament

Dr. Justin Bass:

Treasures at Qumran: the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, and Jesus

Tyler Vela:

Israel in Egypt – Historical Fact or Later Fiction? Part 1

Israel in Egypt – Historical Fact or Later Fiction? Part 2