November 24, 2020

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The question of canon is a question of authority and epistemology. It is an issue used by Liberal scholarship and Roman Catholic apologist to undermine the Protestant worldview. This will link you to audio series and articles on the issues of Canon. Dr. Michael Kruger has provided the most advanced model for the canon of scripture.

Dr. Michael Kruger:

The Theology and History of Canon


How did the NT canon develop?

Who wrote the Gospels?

Challenges to Canonicity (10-Part Interview)

The Origin and Authority of the New Testament Canon

James White & Michael Kruger on the Biblical Canon

Dr. Greg Bahnsen:

The Question of Canon

Sola Scriptura

Keith Thompson:

Catholics gave Protestants the Bible

Biblical evidence for Sola Scriptura

Catholic misrepresentations

D. A. Carson:

The Early Church invented the Canon

Matt Chandler:

The OT canon

The NT canon

Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.:

OT Canon

Dr. James White:

The Apocrypha: White vs Matatics

Is The Apocrypha Scripture? (White vs Michuta)

Sola Scriptura I (White vs Matatics)

Sola Scriptura II (White vs Matatics)

Does the Bible Teach Sola Scriptura? (White vs Madrid)

Are the Scriptures the Sole Infallible Rule of Faith? (White vs Pacwa)

The Marian Dogmas Debate

Sola Scriptura, Canon, and Rome: Dr. Michael Kruger on the Dividing Line


Apochypha debate

Sola Scriptura Debate

Responding to WLC on Catholicism then Brief discussion of anti-Reformed Rhetoric

Sola Scriptura Examined and Defended: Episode Two

Sola Scriptura Continued with Interaction with Karlo Broussard of Catholic…

Jory Micah and El Shaddai; Spencer Toy and CrossExamined; Sola Scriptura…

Conclusion to the Sola Scriptura Series: Apostolic Tradition and Canon Issues

The Early Church Fathers and Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura: God Breathed?

Sola Scriptura or Sola Ecclesia?

Sola Scriptura & Witnessing to Roman Catholics

Sola Scriptura and the Authority of the Church

Dr. Wayne Grudem:

Chapter 02: The Word of God: What are the different forms of the Word of God?

Chapter 03: The Canon of Scripture (Old Testament Canon)

Chapter 03: The Canon of Scripture (New Testament Canon)

Chapter 04: The Four Characteristics of Scripture (#1 – Authority Pt. 1 of 2)

Chapter 04: The Four Characteristics of Scripture (#1 – Authority Pt. 2 of 2)

Chapter 05: The Inerrancy of Scripture (Pt. 1 of 3)

Chapter 05: The Inerrancy of Scripture (Pt. 2 of 3)

Chapter 05: The Inerrancy of Scripture (Pt. 3 of 3)

Chapter 06: The Four Characteristics of Scripture (#2 – Clarity)

How to Interpret the Bible (Pt. 1 of 7)

How to Interpret the Bible (Pt. 2 of 7)

How to Interpret the Bible (Pt. 3 of 7)

How to Interpret the Bible (Pt. 4 of 7)

How to Interpret the Bible (Pt. 5 of 7)

How to Interpret the Bible (Pt. 6 of 7)

How to Interpret the Bible (Pt. 7 of 7)

Chapter 07: The Four Characteristics of Scripture (#3 – Necessity)

Chapter 08: The Four Characteristics of Scripture (#4 – Sufficiency)

Chapter 08: Sufficiency of Scripture



Sola Scriptura is self-refuting

God’s Canon

Ten objections to sola scriptura-1

Ten objections to sola scriptura-2

Sola scriptura before Gutenberg

James Anderson on Sola Scriptura

Greg Welty on sola Scriptura

Michael Kruger’s Criteria for Canonicity

Which comes first: a collection or a list?

A History of the Apocrypha

Sola Scriptura, the Early Church, and Some Blog Comments

“33,000 Protestant denominations”

By what authority?

The supreme judge of all religious controversies

Feser fizzles

Is Rome the answer?

Smells & bells, incense & nonsense-1

Smells & bells, incense & nonsense-2

Sola Scriptura By Implication

Sola Scriptura and textual criticism

Is Sola Scriptura for hypocrites?

What does it mean to sit on Moses’ seat?

A history of the Apocrypha

The legendary Alexandrian canon

Is sola scriptura in scripture?

Finding sola Scriptura

The gates of hell shall not prevail

1 Timothy 5:18 Is Important In Apologetics

Suppose the church gave us the Bible?

Why the “oral tradition” of the Apostles had to be written down

A pillar and foundation of truth

Catholic fideism

How To Argue For Sola Scriptura

Is the canon a fallible list of infallible books?

Formation of the Catholic Epistles

What to do with Jude

How “The Roman Catholic Church” “Compiled the Bible”?

Riding the time machine back to AD 33

Canon revisited

The Catholic canon

The formation of the OT canon

Maccabean martyrs

Church and canon

The canon question

“Why the Bible is Not the Final Authority!”

The witness of the manuscripts

Making a map

The inner testimony of the Spirit

“Books that were left out of the NT”

Church, scripture, canon

Are there 30,000 war fronts?

OT apocrypha

Where is sola scriptura in scripture?

What is sola scriptura about?

What’s the target of sola Scriptura?

Midcourse corrections

Reformed Apologetic Ministries:

Sola Scriptura and the early church

Refuting Rome’s Biblical Case for Extrabiblical Tradition

An Articulation of Sola Scriptura: The Biblical Basis for the Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures

Dr. Michael J. Kruger:

What’s the Very First Time We See a NT Book Used as Scripture?

10 Basic Facts About the NT Canon that Every Christian Should Memorize

Apocrypha and Canon in Early Christianity

What is the Earliest Complete List of the Canon of the New Testament?

An Essential Key to Understanding the Development of the NT Canon

Why We Need the Book of James in the New Testament Canon

My Sheep Hear My Voice: Canon as Self-Authenticating

10 Misconceptions about the NT Canon: #5: “Early Christians Disagreed Widely over the Books Which Made It into the Canon”

The Development of the Bible

Definition of Canon


Sola Scriptura in Athanasius

Did Jesus quote the Apocrypha?

Michuta on the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonicals in 1 Clement

Michuta on the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonicals in the so-called Epistle of Barnabas

Responses to Miscellaneous Canon Questions and Objections

Tobit – One Reason to Reject its Alleged Canonicity


A Short defense of Sola Scriptura

Bring the Books:

Canon is FOR the Church, Not FROM the Church.

Nothing Can Satisfy Catholic Demands for an Inspired Table-of-Contents

Comparing Turretin and Kruger on the Canon (Part 1)

Stephen Dempster:

Canons on the right and canons on the left

Dr. James Anderson:

The Church and the Bible

The Council:

Peter Williams on the Canon