December 1, 2020

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This is a collection of the best articles on Annihilationism. I will mention that not all these articles are about this subject, but may be related to it.

George Alvarado:

Jesus’ Punishment Not Like Ours

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 1) – Intro

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 2c) – Eternal Fire

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 3) – Eternal Punishment

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 4a) – Irenaeus

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 4b) – Irenaeus

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 5a) – The Atonement

Rethinking Conditionalism – (Part 6a) Eternal Life and Immortality

Jerry Shepherd:

Defense of Hell

Tekton Apologetics:

Annihilationism: An Unbiblical Doctrine

Soul Sleep and the Bible: An Evaluation

Is there torture in hell?

One Way apologetics:



The hermeneutics of annihilationism

“The case for conditionalism”

A Fudgesicle’s chance in hell

Hell under Fire


Hell to pay

A helluva time

Boomerang objections

A fate worse than death

Kill the body, not the soul

Biblical dualism

Incarnation and reincarnation

Glenn and Jerry’s

The Immortal dies!

When God the mighty Maker died

Methuselah died

Tuggy’s triad and the death of God

Vicarious properties

Composition fallacy

The ghost in the cellphone

Coloring book

Neo-Apollinarian Christology


Voodoo Zombie

Some objections to annihilationism

Living Dogs and Dead Lions


How the mind uses the brain

“An everlasting Auschwitz”

The General Resurrection

Valley of Hinnom

Postmortem stages

Killing body and soul

Analytic Theology, et cetera.

Conditional Immortality: What’s in a name?

Mere Evangelical Conditionalism – 1

Dr. Thomas Schreiner:

Does Revelation teach annihilationism?


Infinite Punishment for Finite Sins?

This is Eternal Life