October 29, 2020

The Council

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“Mean Christianity”


Recently a video was presented to me about “Mean Christianity”. Baldie the Limey made it. He is a Roman Catholic apostate. I watched the entire video and had to bear the terrible anti-sola Scriptura jokes. They started off whining about people they don’t like and asked, “What is the solution for these sorts of people and at 8:02 the Agnostic Frank gave them a simple solution “Don’t talk with them”. This didn’t sit well with Baldie. It included complaints about our name being “The Council of G+”. This simply was just a bandwagon attempt to whine with others because we simply have the freedom to kick people from our conversations. They don’t grasp that it is our podcast and we can decide the content. The fact is that we don’t have to let every creep on the internet come on our podcast. Of course, he is mad because these individuals are his friends in the Great Mistake Community. It is ironic he calls us “unchristlike” when it seems to me that the reason they favor the individuals they do is that they are in fact becoming more like that of the world. I wouldn’t expect different from anyone that dedicates his life to the Roman Catholic Church.

He complains about the “issue” of the way Christianity is being portrayed by protestants on the internet. His solution is to do nothing about this “problem” because it is time-consuming. It must not be that big of an issue. I also am happy because it probably would be as bad as the rest of his content. At 26 minutes, they made a pass at Calvinism because Calvinist only provides the only serious apologetic to their heresy. Maximus provided (at 29min) another serious alternative that protestants are damned. Baldie pulls out the inclusivist script to save the ever-changing dogmas. I wish for him to provide any evidence that in the first 300 years of the church believed Muslims could be saved.

At 36 min. into this horror film, they said that a Council member has stated that “it doesn’t matter how we treat Han Solo because he isn’t a Christian”. I do not remember anyone saying that and no proof was provided. At 37 minutes Han Solo entered the conversation. Which is the same minute that Baldie revealed this video was mainly made about the Council of G+. He also spoke about calling for a boycott. It seems to me that these people have a victim complex. He thinks of himself as a virtual civil rights leader. The self-image that he provides for himself is quite delusional. Baldie states that “this group survives and strives” off controversy. This is just utter nonsense. I purposely stay out of many things to avoid controversy. It seems you are just inventing things because you have no actual case. We hadn’t had much controversy for the longest time till you immature children complained about false wrongdoings.

At minute 38 Baldie says the reason we took the hangout off air is that Han Solo “got” us. That is delusional because the only reason the hangout went live is so Metal Minister could listen. This was a rather private matter and we handled it accordingly. Han Solo spent hours and couldn’t provide a single shred of evidence that we were unfair to anyone. He left the hangout happy we discussed it and 2 days later went on your show speaking about how he really wasn’t happy with how things went.

At 39 minutes in Han referenced something, Bryan and John made because the individual in it was sort of being soft about Open Theism. At 40:12 Han mentioned me calling someone a Douchebag as morally wrong. I simply say if the boot fits wear it. I didn’t speak falsely and I have always maintained that position. Han simply is saying he doesn’t like it. That just is his subjective preference and has no bearing on me.

They mention how we are a Christian or Calvinist “Mafia”. They think we are a mafia because we kicked someone off our podcast. It seems to anyone with a brain that these folks are obviously shallow. Han mentions that our name is the Council of G+ and thinks that that is an affirmation that we own Google plus. It is just a name. I fear one day Han will get a Ph.D. and teach people without being able to get a simple distinction between a claim and a title. He mentions Vincent the Fake Greg Bahnsen said that he is overreacting. Which Han is overreacting and everyone else in this group (except Frank) is as well.

I personally think sex abuse is a serious issue. Baldie at 42 minutes goes into how I referenced him to an article about sex abuse in his so-called Holy church. That the Pope knows about the failures and even has kept pedophiles Priest in positions of power. He simply dismisses it as he always has and then calls us the “echo chamber”.

Han says basically that we said, “that we get uneasy”, “lose control”, and “Blurt things out”. I did say I so get uneasy but I never stated that was an issue. I let opposing views to speak and we allowed him to speak for hours even though he supports sinful sexual relationships, denies traditional inerrancy, and doesn’t hold to Sola Scriptura. It must be our echo chamber syndrome kicking in. At 43 minutes is where Han reference the making fun of some individual and attributes this to him “merely not being a Calvinist”. We don’t make jokes about him because he isn’t a Calvinist. But rather we make jokes about his catch phrases, supporting heresy, and horrendous arguments. Which is tied to the Calvinism debate, but we don’t do that to most non-Calvinist. Look to Han Solo himself for no better proof of such.

General speaks about a large number of memes but only could mention one. At 48m in Slim Jim says because of him being banned from a number of places he can’t get any good rational Christian dialogue. Which comes after the fact of denouncing all these places as irrational “echo chambers”. Their own complaints have internal issues!

Han mentions Vincent the fake at 51m. He says he thinks “they” are saved and you don’t have the “right to get emotional”. Which is attached to our “reformed Trump card”. He is most likely speaking about how he believes Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox are saved. Han thinks we are stuck in the 16th century. He just doesn’t understand he is stuck in enlightenment liberalism that filled the 19th and 20th century. It was a sad attempt to dismiss the reformation in almost N.T. Wright like fashion. Which is simply stated and undefended. He later affirms Catholics are saved and must take a weak position on Justification or he just rejects it entirely.

Christian Anarchist at 1h and 25m Christian Anarchist starts commenting on the Council of G+. He mentioned some individuals that left the Council and he claimed that we “jumped on them” for some unnamed issue in which we are compared to Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin like persecution. This is utterly ridiculous and I wish they tell the people who left the Council of G+ to private message me. I don’t know who they are speaking about and I think their charges are way off. I wish for C.A. to provide an example or evidence for such a claim that we have ostracized someone.

Conclusion: I watched it and found it to be unsubstantiated whining from grown men acting like children. It seems liberals aren’t the only ones who carry on that tradition. They merely had a little gossip video and that is fine, but it was a poor attempt of them to tarnish our reputation and is easily discredited as a charade looking for an argument.