November 24, 2020

The Council

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The Realization of Reformed Theology

When a person realizes that Scripture reveals the level of sovereignty that God has over His creation (especially in the area of salvation), I believe that there are two reactions to this realization. These two reactions could also be brought out by asking the question, “if I could demonstrate to you that reformed soteriology and anthropology are both biblical, would you still trust Jesus, honor, serve and love God?” The two reactions are the following:

  1. Accept what Scripture teaches
    • This is the difficult path (I know from experience).
    • This response is likely indicative of a regenerate heart.

     2.  Ultimately reject it and/or fight it

    • This response is likely indicative of an unregenerate heart
    • If the person makes statements such as, “I could never serve a God like that…”, that is a strong indication that the individual is engaging in idolatry.