November 24, 2020

The Council

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Hardening of the Brain

Dr. Flowers responded to my article because Dr. James White tweeted it out.

Leighton Flowers continued his rant on twitter and even brought me up on his podcast. He brought me up at 2:29 and 14:36.
In which he charges me with disrespecting him. I have done no such thing and have posted a long response to his arguments and have presented internal inconsistencies in his view.

Well, he didn’t put his name on it and he failed to provide quotes or citations as specific examples of where I did what he accused me of

I did quote you and I refuted some of your common arguments. If I am wrong, then you, already knowing your own theology and objections, should be able to clarify your position. What does my name have to do with the arguments? Everything I write is attached with the Council of G+.

What was the “efficient cause” of an Israelite being passed over when the death angle [sic] came in Exodus?

1. What is this relevant to?
2. He just ignores what I’ve written on the issue because God doesn’t cause things in this manner. It is as if he didn’t even read the article.

I don’t think open theists are Christians and Leighton’s defense of them shows how far out he is.