November 24, 2020

The Council

Proclaiming the truth to the world.

I recently had a discussion with a Roman Catholic in the comment section of a video by Dr. Leighton Flowers. It appeared that he was attempting to convert Dr. Flowers to Roman Catholicism. I would like to briefly note that this seems to be the trend among synergists: those who subscribe to a false gospel (Rome, the Orthodox Church, etc.) will make contact with synergists within the body of Christ (arminians, traditionalist southern baptists, etc.) in an attempt to either join with them or convert them. I have spoken before on the common betrayals of reformed brethren by the synergists (within the camp of Christ), who will join forces with those outside of the camp of Christ against those of the reformed faith. What is the reason? Reformed theology. However, that is not the purpose of this post.

Many topics were quickly covered in this discussion, but this is a display of the inconsistency that many Roman Catholics (even apologists) must engage in. It is breathtaking. It begins with John Martin’s comment on the first page.