December 3, 2020

The Council

Proclaiming the truth to the world.

Frame, Bahnsen, and Anderson.

Here are some reformed apologetics audios:

Dr. Cornelius Van Til:

Philosophy and Apologetics

Modern Theology

Christianity in Conflict
Christ and Man

Dr. John Frame:

History of philosophy and Christian thought

Christian apologetics

Frame on Ethical decision making
Lecture on knowledge

Lecture on Apologetics

What is presuppositional apologetics?

Frame on Ethics

Dr. Greg Bahnsen:

Bahnsen vs Sproul

Myth of Neutrality

Reasoning with Unbelievers

Stein vs Bahnsen

Final sermon

Smith vs Bahnsen

Worldviews in conflict

Evolution and Islam

Dr. James Anderson:

James Anderson MP3’s

Dr. James Anderson and the History of philosophy and Christian thought

Dr. James Anderson and Christian Apologetics

Dr. James Anderson on Ethics

The Bible vs Science

Dr. Scott Oliphint:

Apologetics 101


Thomas Aquinas

Dr. Scott Oliphint MP3’s

Dr.Oliphint on Michael Martin

Dr.Oliphint vs Kurt Jaros
What is presuppositional apologetics?

Clark-Van Til Controversy

Nature and Scripture

Understanding Van Til

Reformed Thomism

Choosing Hats:

Brian Knapp MP3’s


Dr. Michael Butler:

Dr. Michael Butler MP3’s

Dr. Ronald Nash:

History of philosophy and Christian thought

Essentials to history if philosophy and Christian thought

Christian Apologetics

Essentials to Christian Apologetics

Christian Ethics

Essentials to Christian ethics

Worldview analysis

Essentials to Worldview analysis

Christian Apologetics

Modern Philosophy

Paul Manata:

Paul Manata vs Derek Sansone

Paul Manata vs Dan Barker

Paul Manata on the Burden of proof

Paul Manata vs John Loftus:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Other Collections of audio: