July 6, 2020

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Is it Racism or Brutality?

I usually don’t like Matt Walsh’s points, but in this video, he is spot on. He notes the fact that more white males are shot dead by police officers. This evidence is not strong enough to many to present the idea that officers aren’t racist. The reason given is the fact that more white people are in this country. He addresses those claims and gives an alternative theory. It further shows the disgusting nature of media for not talking about the police brutality of white individuals ever because they have a narrative to spin. 

Here is the link

I find these statistical arguments unpersuasive. For example, it is the case that there are more crimes that African Americans commit against white Americans. But by this same type of argumentation, we should conclude that in black neighborhoods harbor racist hate against white Americans. Some may dispute this conclusion but it seems to follow the principle that they are setting up by these statistical arguments. One may respond that racism of African Americans is justified but that seems to cut both ways. It would entail that racism that white people possess can be justified. Which I assume is a position that is too strong for most liberals to accept. Ben Shapiro states something similar to this, here

It would be difficult to suppose the reason that black on black crime occurs is that the racism of African Americans against African Americans:


It seems these arguments need to be revised and should explore alternative explanations.

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