July 12, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

There has been a discussion for how Reformed Christians should understand the usefulness and the errors in the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. I think like every thinker that he is a mixed bag and you will have to weight aspects and arguments. I’ll provide some materials that explain where Christian thought and the thought of Thomas Aquinas differ. They also will discuss where they correspond.

Mike Warren:

A Thomistic Transcendental Argument that Needs Van Til

Another Round of the Thomist Rumor Mill against Van Til: Keith A. Mathison’s “Christianity and Van Tillianism”


Eastern Orthodoxy: Same as all the other Eastern religions

“Metaphysical Religion” and “Becoming One with God”

Aquinas, “existence”, and the failure to observe the Creator-creature distinction

Aquinas’s “donum superadditum” vs the Alien Righteousness of Christ

The Reformed Orthodox were anti-Thomist in their epistemology

Why I’m not a Reformed Thomist

The Quadriga, Medieval Exegesis, and the Rising Need to Know Hebrew and Greek

Roman Catholicism: “simply making up things to justify pet doctrines and practices”

Thomas the Train Wreck and the Analogia Entis

“Development of Doctrine” for the Roman Catholic: A blank check for a wax nose.

“Reformed Scotism”

Thomas Aquinas was the Problem; the Reformation was the Solution

A Roman Catholic View of Nature and Grace Part 1, 2, and 3

Sam Waldron:

Presuppositional Ponderings after Reading Thomas Aquinas: 7 Part Series

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