November 24, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!


I went on to youtube and watched a new “PhilosophyTube” video and found it once again to suck. It formerly was a show about explaining and discussing philosophical ideas. It was trying to take you through interesting topics throughout philosophy. The host “Olly” has thus hit the liberal brain-damaged wall and decided to produce only half thought out liberal ranting non-sense. Ever since he posted a one-sided video on the topic of abortion he hasn’t had any good content.

I went on to make an article about the topic:

He later did one stating Star Wars: the last Jedi was hated for the stated reasons of racism and the tinkering with the main characters. That no criticisms exist of the plot. So, as he continues down his liberal soy-boy path to where he continues to show his ignorance of things actually stated:

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