April 7, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

Lost in Translation

There is a common objection against the YEC(specifally the idea that things are created with apparent age). That God would be guilty of deception because the appearence of things contradicts their reality. I’ve responded to that on another occasion:


The problem is now I wish to turn this problem back on to the most common opponents to such an idea. Those of John Walton’s camp in thinking the Bible teaches that the world is similar to what they supppose is a common ANE cosomology. Didn’t God speak to the Jews as if there was a solid sky? Even if God didn’t believe such and his audience did, there remains the issue that God would have decieved the Jews in telling them he created something that doesn’t actually exists(solid dome sky). I don’t take this objection seriously, but it is to show why I don’t take the objection to apparent age serious.

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