May 29, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

How can light be created or exist, it is often asked, before the sun was created? The problem with this and similar questions is that they impose our knowledge about the cosmos, indeed an objective knowledge about the workings of our solar system, onto these ancient texts whose cultures, and god(s)!, did not possess this type of knowledge. We know that the sun is the source of light for our solar system. But the ancient cultures and peoples that produced this creation account, and others of like nature, did not possess this knowledge and apparently held different ideas about the nature of their world.

Some think the Bible affirms an ancient outdated cosmology. I clearly reject that notion. This particular scholar shows a particular example of something I think ancient Jews actually knew. They could clearly look up and see the sun in the sky. What else would ancient people associate with light? 

This would also mean that given his understanding that the text teaching a YEC and possibly OEC model but the teaching is simply wrong. Of course, inerrancy is a belief not very well received in these debates.  This does also fall prey to problems:

Usually, those that affirm the historicity of Genesis will posit that either God is the source of the initial light appealing the Rev. for that idea or they will appeal to non-chronological elements to the Gen. account.

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