August 8, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

Apologetics Empires

I was on youtube and saw this and I wish to comment on the idea. I think it is naive to bring all these people together in some apologetic “empire”. The reason is that nothing holds them together with each other than not being an atheist, non-muslim, non-BHI. That seems hardly enough to create a significant group for an “Apologetic Empire” together.

When Christians try to produce content with each other it is hard enough not to step on certain people’s toes. They all reside on a theological/Apologetic scale. Michael Jones is probably the most liberal and Vocab Malone the most conservative. Even though that is hard to see given certain things I’ve heard and his company:

Hopefully, they’ll have enough sense to not include certain friends into this “empire”. I wish them the best but I’m not optimistic about this.

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