January 30, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

Apostleship and Tradition

Jimmy had a conversation with some Orthdox people about extra-Biblical tradition:

Apostleship has no inherently authority. . .for it’s merely a title, to be fair.

No, actually, this is partly how NT inspiriation ties in with verses about the OT. One reason is that the Apostles were commissioned by Christ directly to be his spokesmen; they are the prophets of the New Covenant.

He [Paul] leaves room for that of which is the Apostolic teaching. . .

Where is there an extrabiblical Apostolic teaching? 2 Thessalonians 2:15 doesn’t reference anything beyond what is recorded in Scripture. It would be on you to demonstrate that the teachings of the Apostles were anything more than expository preaching from the Old Testament, New Testament oracles, and expository preaching from the New Testament. None of that involves, includes, or insinuates authoritatively inspired church councils.

The authority of the ‘extra-biblical’ councils is by virtue of their reinforcement of Apostolic doctrine. . .

The idea that something is inspired, i.e. God-breathed, just in case it agrees with and defends prior revelation is nowhere to be found in Paul’s letters to Timothy. Where is such a category to be found in Scripture?

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