May 29, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

From The Hymn to Enlil, from Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament:

Enlil whose command is far-reaching, lofty his word (and) holy,
Whose pronouncement is unchangeable, who decrees destinies unto the distant future,
Whose lifted eye scans the land,
Whose lifted beam searches the heart of all the land—When Father Enlil seats himself broadly on the holy dais, on the lofty dais,
When Nunamnir [another name for Enlil] carries out to supreme perfection lordship
and kingship,
The earth-gods bow down willingly before him, The Anunna humble themselves before him, Stand by faithfully in accordance with (their) instructions.
The great (and) mighty lord, supreme in heaven (and) earth, the all-knowing one who understands the judgement,

When in his awesomeness he decrees the fates,
No god dares look at him,

Not (even) a god can behold your countenance.

Who are the judge (and) decision-maker of the universe
Your noble word is as weighty as heaven, you know no opposition,

The lofty one, whose words are firmly grounded,
Whose command and favor are unalterable,
Whose pronouncements is all enduring,
Whose plans “confirm the word”—
Oh Great Mountain Enlil, exalted is your praise.

Chris Fisher tries to undermine some of the evidence used in support of classical theism. They are used to say that Calvinist’s prooftext suffers from an underdetermination because these same passages are used for ANE pagan gods. What if this same language can be applied to ANE gods then why suppose it implies a god that is transcendent? It wouldn’t, but one simple issue I find with this reasoning is that he supposes that these statements are accurately attributed to these deities. Why suppose that these things are accurately stating the reality of things regarding these deities? Why suppose it is anything other than ANE chauvinism? A few divine beings compensating for a potent problem? Why think Yahweh plays these games? Why think Yahweh participates in false advertising?

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