July 12, 2020

The Council

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Memes to an End

I was asked to comment on a pro-choice meme. I don’t think abortionist are intellectual heavy-weights so this will be interesting.

i) This is sneaking in the idea that consent makes sexual interactions perfectly fine. But that just presupposes Christianity is false. Fornication, adultery, and other such things can be perfectly voluntary and consensual. But it is obvious that we wouldn’t consider them ethical practices. Furthermore, we have thought experiments that undermine that intuition: A mother voluntarily choosing to have sex with Nazi guards in a concentration camp to protect her attractive daughter. That’s consensual but seemingly immoral.

ii) It also assumes a mother doesn’t have unique parental obligations to her children. But that’s precisely what the pro-life movement has been proposing.

iii) It misconstrues how a mother consents to the issue. The mother engages in activities that raise the risk of pregnancy. Just like a new businessman takes on risk by investing. They don’t consent to the consequences of their actions but they do consent to take the risk.

When do pro-life people call for the deaths of these groups of people? Furthermore, we try to provide a capitalist system where people of various groups can thrive. Conservatives also donate to charities to help people in need. So, it’s just false to say we don’t care about people until they are born or these are groups we hate.

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