June 6, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

This is a collection of arguments against Sola Scriptura from Catholics. They really will be the same old arguments used by them but a collection of the refutations to them.

The place to start is with the issue of the definition of Sola Scriptura:

On the Meaning of Sola Scriptura

Does sola Scriptura mean sole authority?

What does sola scriptura mean?

1. Scripture is meant to be read in a community:

Reading Scripture in community

Communal reading

2. The papacy is needed for proper interpretation of the Bible and to reject it leads to “chaos”(30,000 Denominations):

Clashing with Catholicism

If sola scriptura is the problem, is the magisterium the solution?

Imperspicuous objections to perspicuity

The perspicuity of Scripture

Is background information necessary?

Bryan’s stalled chess game

The “real” reason why sola Scriptura is untenable

“Scripture interprets Scripture” through the centuries

Dodo bird Catholicism

The a priori argument against sola Scriptura

When sola scriptura “fails”

Thin ice Catholicism

A little lost

The a priori argument against sola Scriptura

Clashing with Catholicism

Does the Magisterium actually solve the problem it poses for itself?

Scripture and commentary

30,000 denominations redux

3. Prooftext for Apostolic Succession and the Papacy:

Prooftexting apostolic succession

Catholic prooftexts

Matthew 16 and the Papacy

The Pillar of Truth

Hold to the traditions

All be one

4. Private Interpretation:

Private Interpretation

5. The Church gave us the Canon:

The Issue of Canon and Sola Scriptura

Peter Williams on the Canon

How To Argue For Sola Scriptura

The question of sola Scriptura

6. Sola Scriptura isn’t in the Bible(therefore it is self-refuting):

Is sola scriptura in scripture?

Principles of sola Scriptura

Is sola Scriptura self-refuting?

Sola Scriptura and textual criticism

Sola Scriptura By Implication

“Funny internal feelings”

7. Sola Scriptura is ad hoc:

Is sola scriptura ad hoc?

8. This contains most of the criticisms in two articles:

Ten objections to sola scriptura-1

Ten objections to sola scriptura-2

The question of sola Scriptura

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