November 24, 2020

The Council

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You know that this is going to be a collection of resources on the topic of rape in the Bible. I think the Bible is against rape and condemns such.

Tyler Vela:

FREED BYTE: Deut 22:28-29: A Manual for Marrying a Rapist?

Dr. George Athas:

Does The Old Testament Condone Rape? Professor of Old Testament


War grooms

The joy of rape, robbery, murder, and mayhem

Legal technicalities

10 questions

“Marry your rapist law”

He done her wrong

Justified rape

Ali Baba and the godless naifs

Rape in the OT

When the Bible rubs us the wrong way

Midianite virgins


What about God’s cruelty against the Midianites?

Wheel of Stupid Biblical Marriage Series 5 (Deut. 22:28-9)

Wheel of Stupid Biblical Marriage Series 3 (Numbers 31, Deut. 21)

Sam Shamoun:

The Old Testament and Rape

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