Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

Former Youth Pastor turned Atheist gets a lesson on Objective Morality.

I recently installed the Periscope app and look for new options on sharing the Gospel to others. I’ve come across some nice Christians who have an online Bible study or Prayer meeting. Those can be encouraging to grow from.
Last night, I saw a Periscope that was titled: Former Youth Pastor turned Atheist.
I jumped in and immediately was sadden to see a young man full of anger and hurt. Shouting expletives to anyone who would defend the Faith.
When he brought up the claim that Christians don’t have any morals, I jumped at the chance of showing him his worldview.
Atheist: “Christians have no morals at all.”
Me: “You can not even account for any Objective morals in your worldview.”
At this point, he was excited at the chance to defend his position.
Me: “Is it always wrong for anyone to torture babies merely for pleasure?”
The Atheist’s face sunk for he knew if he said yes, that would be admitting to an objective standard for everyone. He quickly tried to switch the subject and gave a terrible example how God is inconsistent. I stuck to my ground and pressed him all the more. Even the other folks within the chat knew he was caught.
He then admitted that “No, it is not always wrong…”
“How do you like your worldview now?” I told him.
His face sunk even lower as he just realized that he’s in favor of torturing babies for pleasure is fine within his worldview.
He then went on to say that “There is no Objective Truth!”
My response?
“Is that objectively true?”

“F#@k you…”

I ended it with pleading to him that he needs to repent of his sins and trust in Jesus for the accomplished work of the Cross.

More expletives as I slipped out. Pray that he comes back to the Faith.

(note: Periscope has become pretty rancid with several bots trying to lure you to their profile which has lewd and immoral pictures. I do not recommend it. I’ve uninstalled it from my phone due to the perversion that goes on there.)

-John Wilkinson (Atomicglue)