June 3, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

It’s Been a Privilege

I have become aware that my Friends have kept a secret for about a month. They have secretly joined forces to do something nice. They came together to buy me a new laptop. They all hid it from me knowing that I would tell them not to do it. So, this is my apology for not properly thanking you guys and my attempt to give them a proper thank you.

Dave Johnson(a.k.a. Dave from statefarm/Skunkman)

I met Dave on the server I run after a BTWN show. He told me that he was a seminary graduate and he wanted to study philosophy. I was thrilled and he and I have been friends ever since. He is the one that brought everyone together to do this. He is a moderator on the server. He deeply cares about everyone on the server and does everything he can to help. He is sort of the heart of our group of friends.
אתה חבר טוב


I met soma while on Tophy’s server. He was a Deist then and he wasn’t very dedicated to the topic of whether the Christian God was the actual God. But through our conversations I watched him go from a weaker deist to a level-headed Christian.I always enjoy his company and he always has a good joke. Soma, it is people like you that keep me doing this. I hope you find benefit in any of these resources on this site and if you ever need something, just ask. You are a bright, intelligent, funny, and self-controlled man and I hope you never waste these gifts.

Timothy Emerson

I haven’t known him that long, but he has quickly become similar to Soma in our group. That being he is leveled headed and he is funny. I met him on the server and he came from another named “Luther’s Academy”. He recently had surgery having a bone removed out of his foot. So, I ask for your prayer for his nausea, but the good news is that it was successful and he is no longer in pain from his military days. I hope you stick around because you’re great company.

Kathleen Tanner

Tanner is a new Christian and he has probably one of the most difficult journeys ahead of himself. He loves the sufficiency of the cross and one day I hope he understands the effects of the cross. I met him when he was a liberal, atheist, Jesus Mythicist, and transexual. He has in recent times called out to Christ to save him from his sins. He is a funny member of our little community and I hope you send him your prayers for him.

Bryan Forbes

Bryan is one of my closest friends. I met him in Dr. White’s chat channel and met him because of Vincent Lancon. He is a good father and a good friend. If Dave is the heart of the server, then Bryan is the brains. He taught himself K. Greek and created the bots of the server. You are a good friend and I enjoy having you around.

David Mark

Dave, I met while talking to a flat-earther that also was a Black Hebrew Israelite. Dave thought he was a Mormon and gave him a beat down. If Dave was anything of this server, he definitely is the voice of the server. He is always in the server preaching in the spirit of Leonard Ravenhill. Dave has been a great friend and he is hilarious. Prayers for him and his wife because they soon will be having another child.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephens

Jimmy Stephens is the genius of our group. I met him on Google hangouts and then we met up again on Tophy’s server. He should be a famous apologist writing books and working in a seminary. He is the Greg Bahnsen of our time and he is a blessing to our group. He is a genius that if you haven’t listened to him, you need to.

Sarah Stephens is just like her boyfriend a genius. She is trained with numbers and she corrects Jimmy’s liberalism at times. I met her because she hosted a debate that I watched. She and Jimmy are the closest thing presuppositionalism has to Tim and Lydia McGrew. They are the smartest among us and probably could do amazing things with their minds.

Stian Johannessen (Pixel)

I met him through Brian Knapps(former member of choosing hats). He lives in Norway and wishes to move to the states and build a life here. He wants to start a website to help Christians get good answers for deep questions. He’s a fun guy with good hopes and dreams. I hope they suceed and hope he ends up in Florida.

Chris Mcdearman (Tophy)

I met Tophy back when he was an atheist. He has been trained by the finest apologist(Jimmy). I watched him go from an immature atheist to being a superior apologist than I’ll ever be. I hope he continues using his mind and he and Jimmy create some ministry.

Arece Hampton

Arece is an amazing guy. You can sit and hang out with him for hours. I love talking to him and teaching him presuppositionalism. He’s a good friend and a good father. He’s our token black guy. I met him because of Calvinist Klein.

Richie Schlehuber

He is no mook or jabroni. He’s our servers funny accent and one of my closest friends. I met him because of Darth Dawkins and he has been a great friend ever since I met him. He is a good father and I think he’s hilarious.

I’m stating that it has been a pleasure being your friend and having your company. You guys have changed me and I hope I have changed you. God bless you all.

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