November 24, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

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Here is my response to Leighton Flowers on Romans 9:

Pots, Potters, and Flowers: A reply to Soteriology101 on Romans 9

The articles used in this article:

Brian Abasciano- Corporate Election

Other stuff:


Leighton Flowers on Romans 8


Election in Romans 9

Abasciano on Rom 9

The FACTS of salvation

Corporate election

Having mercy on whom he will

Tektinny objections to Calvinism

Craig on Rom 9

Corporate election-2

Is unconditional election arbitrary?

Is reprobation unjust?

Reprobation and hardening

Paul Helm:

The Language and Theology of the ‘Free Offer’

Other Scholarly Articles:

Steven M. Baugh- God’s Purpose According To Election: Paul’s Argument in Romans 9

Thomas Schreiner- Election: Corporate or Individuals?

Schreiner’s response to Abasciano

G. K. Beale- Hardening of Pharaoh

Is Jeremiah 18 the OT Text Behind Paul’s Use of the Potter/Clay Motifin Romans 9:19-24?

How to flunk Soteriology101?

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