December 2, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

The problem of evil is a problem that has stood the test of time. It is commonly thought that the attributes of God are inconsistent with the existence of evil. Christians have long pondered the question of evil and here are some of the responses to it:


Over Jordan

Moving goal post

Toolkit for problem of evil

To be or not to be

How to deal with the problem of evil

The “Evil God Challenge”

The best of all worlds

Serrated theodicy

The Christian theory of everything

-Response to N.N. Trakakis



“If everything happens for a reason, then we don’t know what reasons are”

Distrusting God

Fork in the road

Why Is There Evil In The World (And So Much Of It?)

Spinning in the dark

-Response to Michael Tooley

A catalogue of evils

Paradise on earth

Tooley on evil

-Response to William Lane Craig

Craig shoots a hole in the bottom of his boat

Molinist theodicy

-Response to Graham Oppy

Machine Gun Preacher

God, evil, and evidence

Dr. Guillaume Bignon:

Calvinists and Arminians on the Problem of Evil: Who Can Say What?

Is Calvinism Excusing Sinners and Blaming God?

Dr. James Anderson:

Calvinism and the Origin of Sin

Dr. William Lane Craig:

The Problem of Evil and Suffering

D. A. Carson:

How Could God Allow Suffering?

Dr. James White:

Responding to Evil and Suffering

R. C. Sproul:

Evil and suffering

Dr. John Frame:

The Bible On the Problem of Evil

The Council:

Does God cause evil?

Tyler Vela:

Calvinism as an Apologetic

Cory Markum and the Problem of Evil

R. C. Sproul:

Surprised by Suffering


The Depravity of Man

Related objections:

The Bible and Slavery

Is Molinism superior to Calvinism on the problem of evil?


Dr. Greg Welty:

The Problem of Evil

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