November 24, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

I asked Necessitarian if Calvinism is true, then how can we be punished for a nature we didn’t choose and this is his response:

1.) It’s a specious objection since it contradicts the objector’s self-love. That is, because everyone desires and intends to be who they are, they “self-identify,” God’s judgment is perfectly consistent per compatibilism. Thus, anyone who complains about not choosing their nature neglects or belies their own desire to be oneself. It would be like reasoning that it’s unreasonable to expect someone to be perfectly rational – why are you reasoning then? The very act of reasoning presupposes a desire to avoid irrationality; the very act of living presupposes a choice to be oneself. At this point, Chris will probably retort that while this choice to be oneself occurs, it is preceded by one’s God-given nature, and no choice precedes God’s creation (of one’s nature). This is irrelevant because God is not holding one accountability for His act of creation but for our “self-identification,” for our desire to be self, and so for any participation in the world whatsoever.
2.) More importantly, though, people are not held responsible for mere nature. They are held responsible for Adam’s original sin. Every man, woman, and child is born under the federal headship of Adam and thereby inherit his guilt. Thusly, it is a misunderstanding to object to Calvinism on the basis that God would be judging human beings for their nature. Usefully, the word “nature” is often employed by Calvinists in a way that tends to refer to the default moral character of humanity in virtue of Adam’s covenant headship, his original sin, and its effects.

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