November 24, 2020

The Council

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Tyler Vela has done a very in-depth look at Biblical Slavery from a Moral and historical perspective.

Here are his articles:

Slavery and the Bible Part 1

Slavery and the Bible Part 2

Slavery and the Bible Part 3

Exodus 21:20-21: A Manual For Beating Slaves?

Collected Works on “Slavery” and the Bible

Here are his Podcast:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2.1

Part 3

BTWN appearance

Slavery in the Bible and the Ancient Contexts

Slavery in the OT Law Part 1

Dr. Peter Williams:

“Does the Bible Support Slavery?”

Moral Objections to the Old Testament



Slave trade

Runaway slaves

The slave trade

Voluntary slavery

Good Jesus meets bad atheist

Chattel slavery

Economic justice

Dr. Michael Brown:

Michael Brown vs. Joshua Bowen – Was Old Testament Slavery Morally Permissible?

Wesley Huff:

OT and Slavery

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