November 24, 2020

The Council

A modern day council!

This contains the works of Steve Hays, Jame E. Dolezal, Paul Helm, and others. This is a collection of resources on impassibility grounded in the idea that God is timeless and Eternal. This covers both exegetical and philosophical thought.


The Impassibility of God


Who dwells in inapproachable light

From wrath to grace

Petitionary prayer and accidental necessity

God’s time-travelers

Is Jesus a grape vine?

Space, time, and God

Can a timeless God know time?

Temporal Responsibility

Making a deal with the devil

Parsing classical theism

God in time

God and music

Time’s passage

Body, soul, and Incarnation

Divine Condescension and the Attributes of God

Dr. James Anderson:

You Asked: Did God Change at the Incarnation?

Dr. Lydia McGrew:

God and Time: relational facts are not illusions

Before the Mountains Were Brought Forth: A Defense of Divine Timelessness

Some philosophy of religion for your week

R. C. Dozier:

Evaluation of William Lane Craig’s Model

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit


The Wills of God

3 Categories

Does God love everyone?

The old Sudduth

Paul Helm – Eternity

Does God desire the salvation of the reprobate?

Dr. James Dolezal:

Objections to K. Scott Oliphint’s Covenantal Properties Thesis

Dr. Paul Helm:

Confessing the Impassible God

Divine Impassibility: Why Is It Suffering?

Rob Lister articles:

Eternal God and God in time

Can Lister keep the balance?

God, both Impassible and Impassioned

Dr. John Frame articles:

John Frame – God, time and space

The motivation of Frame

Dr. Scott Oliphint articles:

What motivates Oliphint’s proposals?

Calvin on wrath, grace, and eternal love

Scott Oliphint: a reply to his rejoinder

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